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Careers For Truck Driving In The USA

Exploring the US is a great opportunity for experienced and trained truck drivers. Truck drivers have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful locations such as the Great Smokey Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone Park, or the deserts of Arizona. All of these, and many more, interesting places are part of truck driving USA. Another advantage is that you will develop long-lasting friendships among fellow truck drivers.

There are approximately 3,000,000 truck drivers in the US and each year this total continually rises. The truck driving industry has perhaps one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the US. The trucking industry is a key part of the US economy as truck drivers transport a variety of consumable dry goods and fresh foods from one location to another. The US economy is dependent on the trucking industry and it is also part of a well-known American way of life.

The trucking industry has created over 3 million jobs and the industry is regulated by the federal government. The two federal departments responsible for regulating the trucking industry include the US Department of Transportation and the (FMCSA) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These two regulatory departments cover the certification of trained truck drivers, physical examinations, drug testings, vehicle inspections, hours of operation, driving rules, and the transportation of good and people.

Truck driving may seem easy but it is not. As you deliver goods from one location to another you may be away from home for many weeks at a time. There are however certain truck driving jobs that allow you to be home every evening and spend weekends with your family. A truck driver often has the choice of doing local hauls or long-distance hauls.

If you want to begin truck driving in the USA then it is mandatory that you be licensed, trained and accredited. Many truck driving companies provide training centers that can help aspiring US truck drivers to become certified and trained. There are also many independent truck driving schools that provide courses on how to drive tractor-trailers, tow trucks, or buses. Some driving schools provide reimbursement options or paid training. A commercial driving license will allow you to operate any vehicle that weighs over 26,000 pounds.

After you have completed all of your requirements you may apply for a truck driving job. You can drive a truck at 18 years old within your own state but if you are required to cross a state line then you need to be 21 years old. Some of the different types of truck driving jobs include being a long-haul driver, delivery truck driver, local truck driver, short-haul driver, tractor-trailer driver, or tow truck driver.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are more truck driving opportunities for drivers of heavy trucks as opposed to drivers of light trucks. You will also receive a better hourly rate for the more truck driving experience you have. There are many excellent opportunities to make a decent living as you start your career truck driving in the USA.

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