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Many people who have an accident with an 18 wheeler truck are unaware of what they should do right after the accident.

First it is important to document as much as possible.

As people recover and memories of the event get fuzzy, it is often hard to remember. Make sure to take pictures and record the names of the individuals involved. Make sure you understand what damage was caused, get testimonials. What kind of commercial vehicle was it? Was it a bus wreck? 18-Wheeler accident? Record a map location. Failure to do this could weaken your case, and can result in a severe limitation to be able collect. This will ensure that our team can reconstruct an accident model and gather full intel on how the accident occurred and potentially who is at fault.

With an estimated half million accidents involving large semi and commercial vehicles happening in the US each year

it has easily become one of the most alarming areas of the law. We recommend that you hire an experienced lawyer that can help you fight the companies that own these trucks. Most individuals who are accident victims can feel helpless against these companies, and need to have experienced help on their side. Large commercial vehicles on the road create blind spots and other traffic issues and there are rules that truckers have to follow to avoid negligence. Even the maintenance of the commercial vehicle is a factor that has to be considered in determining the outcome of vehicle accidents law suits.


At our law firm, we go to work on those issues and will dig deep into your matter and determine whether there were blind spots, traffic hindrances or obstacles, negligence or maintenance issues that resulted in the accident. We know where to look to find out who truly is at fault and we will make sure to support our clients against the giant corporations behind these problems. Reckless drivers must be held accountable.

We can litigate on your behalf. You may be entitled to a settlement to compensate your injuries and vehicle damages. We will want to research to make sure that there was no drug abuse or alcohol abuse involved in the accident. You may be entitled to more than your insurance company suggests. If you are dealing with problems with your insurance company, we may be able to help you with that as well.

Are you experiencing a lag in getting your medical bills covered? Are you paying for rental car while you car is being repaired?

Contact one of our attorneys to discuss which recourse you might have. We can help you hold your insurance company to their policy promises.

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Do you need an ATTORNEY?

Unfortunately, while you are injured, suffering or without transportation big bureaucracy doesn’t help. This is where we can come along side our clients and help them get some relief to their issues.

In our experience, it often makes sense to at the very least consult with an attorney to see what actions should be taken. Is the 18 Wheeler Driver at fault? Have all of the details been managed in maintaining the vehicle? Did the manufacturer miss something that should have been managed in the development process? Is there drug or alcohol abuse involved? Did the trucking company provide the driver with adequate rest periods? Remember that trucking companies are notorious for pushing the boundaries of what drivers can handle efficiently. They should be held liable for any areas that they willfully overlook.


18-Wheeler Accidents usually cause serious injuries and have even been know to cause death. Many times this is a result of driver fatigue, drivers willfully exceeding hourly maximums and drivers who are interested in making extra money can put your health and well-being at risk.

It’s important to understand that there is a high demand for truck drivers and drivers have opportunities to push the boundaries of their capabilities to make extra money. There are rules that have been set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Often companies that provide trucking and transport have legal representatives who are assigned to gather information to defend the corporation of an impending law suit related to personal injury or wrongful death. Naturally, these claims can be expensive for the firm, and they will to their best to mitigate their companies risk. An experienced attorney can help you also protect your rights and provide you with an avenue to ensure that you do not simply hand over your rights to a claim by simply not understanding the legal process or by not having adequate representation.

We are not saying that you should not trust your insurance company

However, we have seen throughout our experience where insurance companies will attempt to minimize their expenditure on individuals who have a legitimate claim.

If you are having to undergo medical treatment or have suffered injuries, it makes sense to consult with a qualified attorney before making any type of agreement with an insurance company or trucking company.

If you are looking to get full compensation for your case, you are well advised to seek out the assistance of an attorney. We are here to help.

Make sure that the attorney representing your Truck Accident case is experienced in this sort of legal matter.

Make sure that you develop rapport with your lawyer and that you feel confident in your trust of the individual representing you in your accident claim.

Is it necessary to hire an undefeated attorney?

Not necessarily, you should hire someone whom you trust and who does have a good track record in defending individuals against large tractor trailer companies / truckers and those who use large commercial vehicles.

If you think hiring an attorney is expensive consider the cost of neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, prosthetics, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, not to mention loss of work time. An experienced attorney is your best option to ensure that these bills get paid by the person or company responsible.

Settlements for commercial vehicle accidents can have a wide range. It usually involves damages, some of which are economic and others that are non-economic.

The key difference between the two is that non-economic are speculative in nature, like scars or loss of life enjoyment, which are not easily quantified. Economic damages are straight forward typically involving a bill that states squarely the amount something has cost or will cost.

Remember that evaluating your case is free and simply requires a phone call for our practice lawyers

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Consultation for truck accidents.

An accident lawyer will be assigned to your case and do proper due diligence to find out what is required. Our office is committed to maintaining your privacy and we recommend you give us a call for a free consultation. On of our lawyers who have experience in 18 wheeler accident cases, will let you know what you will need including truck diver details, types of documentation such as phone, state, location, evidence and injuries caused by the crash. We will want to know if there were additional family members involved, any awareness of liability or whether someone was being negligent. Further, what was the weight of the vehicle, are you willing to go to trial, are there any other common information or resources you can provide us. You deserve adequate representation, and our truck accident lawyers are an email away. Let us do a proper evaluation of your case. Our practice area includes truck accident and motorcycle accidents as well as other related incidents.

No need to spend hours waiting for the attention you deserve, contact our practice for a free evaluation today.

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